08 May 2015 @ 07:01 pm
Hello, for one last time Havenites.

Firstly the final log is now up here. Feel free to continue tagging the previous log or go to this one, as both will be open to tagging for as long as anyone wishes to use it. As said before, no accounts will be removed from the communities by the moderators. We only ask no more new posts be made from this point on.

Haven opened roughly two and a half years ago, back in late September of 2012, and what we have heard since then is that the game stood out among other games of the horror genre for two reasons. A diligent and loving mod and a playerbase that always welcomed new people and respected one another. Having been in game since the first few months that it opened, the three of us know those two facts have not changed. Haven is blessed to have people who care for it as a game, who care for it as a creation of a single person's imagination, and who always stood behind it in hard times. We know that the months that passed since Blue's strange and unfortunate disappearance have been difficult, but we cannot say for a moment that we ever felt the playerbase did not appreciate our efforts and did not strive to keep this game going even in her absence. It is with deep regret that we close the doors on such a wonderful game, not just in the concept, the worldbuilding, the characters, but also wonderful in the effort that everyone who ever played in this game put into it.

It isn't easy saying goodbye and even harder to do because of the circumstances that caused it. However we hope that this game leaves everyone who was in it with fond memories, strong development in the characters played and the knowledge that a game is only as good as the players in it. And we have to say, we think Haven is one of the best games to ever come onto the dreamwidth scene because of the players who loved it, the helpers who dedicated themselves to keeping it up and our head mod Blue who cared and loved speaking with each and every person who approached her.

We sincerely hope this is not farewell forever and if Blue contacts us we will do our best to spread the word about it, because we know people have been worried and still worry as much as we do. As said before, everyone who has been in the game since the end of March AC will be welcomed back should the game be opened again. If such a time ever comes, we hope you join us again and feel back at home.

Until that hopeful day comes, we want to thank you for staying with us and hope to see you again.

-Marion, Christy and Sib.
01 May 2015 @ 06:53 pm
Hello Havenites.

The closure event has gone live now on. Here's the breakdown of what to expect for the next week.

Today (May 1st)
IC: The Yao Corporation sends a message announcing temporary shut down and announces everyone will be put into cold sleep within one week to facilitate this change.
OOC: This will be the last full week of the game. Players can use this week to make final posts in the network and log communities and hash out any last minute things they want to do in game with their characters. The mingle log can be used as a catch-all for anyone who doesn't want to make posts.

Next Friday (May 8th)
IC: The Yao Corporation sends out the last warning, giving everyone 24 hours left before cold sleep goes active. The details of what happens at the moment of cold sleep will be given at that log.
OOC: No more new posts will be allowed after this game. This is effectively the last day of the game being open for new content. The log can be used for as long as everyone pleases to use it and if it hits captcha an overflow will be made for it.

Again we want to reiterate a couple important points:
-If the game reopens with Blue's return, anyone currently in game at this point will be permitted to reclaim their character without reapping.
-No accounts will be removed from the comms by the moderators even during closure. We will not allow new posts on the comms, but previous posts can still be tagged for as long as anyone wants.

Essentially this is a pause and we hope it won't be a permanent one. If Blue returns, we hope you do as well and everyone will be welcomed back without quarrel. There will be a longer note regarding closure next week. For now we hope you enjoy the final week of the game, as unfortunate as it is given the circumstances.
15 April 2015 @ 12:14 pm
Hello Haven, we have had one hell of a ride, but I think it is about time I send ole Watson home to get some much needed rest.

I love rp, but as I don't have a job that gives me access to a computer and I don't have a smart phone, my tagging time exists solely as the few hours I have before bed and with all the projects and training I currently have been undergoing to break into the industry I am certified for, I just don' t have time for both.

I can't thank you all enough for going along with all my crazy plot ideas I still don't think I have ever seen another undead action medic John done before XD and I have adored John's CR (and potential CR!) to pieces. As John was one of the clinic heads, there will likely be a position up for any other medical related characters, if anyone was interested.
Peace out Haven, it's been a blast.

08 April 2015 @ 07:00 pm
Hello Havenites!

As promised, here is further event info for those who signed up. There will be no event mingle this month so those who signed up are encouraged to make their own posts/logs about this. Sign-ups are still open until tomorrow for those who are still interested but are undecided.

In the middle of the day on April 8th, signed-up characters will receive a note from the Yao Corporation on their bed in an envelope. The writing on this note, a very fine card, will not disappear. It will read the following:
Read more... )

Sign-ups for the event are still open until April 9th 7pm EST (tomorrow) for any late-comers. Those who have already signed-up will receive a message tonight detailing the effects. If you signed up already and don't receive a message by 9pm EST at the latest, due to any uncontrolled hiccups, please PM the mod account. All messages should be sent out by 8pm EST.
07 April 2015 @ 07:00 pm
The following characters have been ejected from Haven due to lack of activity. Any players who wish to reapply for their character must wait for one month before doing so, in order to be fair to any other applicants.

Bansai Kawakami ([personal profile] atonality)
Dhaos ([personal profile] dhaosu)
Presa ([personal profile] dragontemptress)
Sieglinde Sullivan ([personal profile] grunehexe)
Lante Firik ([personal profile] hairflowers)
Lalli Hotakainen ([personal profile] nightscout)
Lapis Fathalla ([personal profile] oneirism)
Kiba ([personal profile] paradisecalling)

Additionally, event sign-ups will be extended to April 9th 7pm EST. Anyone currently signed up will receive a PM tomorrow when the event goes live about the effects they may receive.
06 April 2015 @ 12:36 pm
I know, I know, I just joined! But I'm housesitting and it's far more stressful than I thought it'd be. Plus, the internet is spotty as all hell (it took me 2 computer restarts to post this).

I'll be out from today until April 20th. I'll continue everything when I come back, but if you'd like to drop any threads let me know and I'll do that.

05 April 2015 @ 07:00 pm
If your character appears on the warned list, it's either because of a failure to comment to the AC post or an insufficient amount of activity provided. In this post, you may submit either of the following:

-> A post or log AND threads up to five comments
-> Threads up to thirty comments

The original AC is for three threads of thirty, or one thread of five plus a post/log. Anyone on the warned list may make up the count using more links if necessary (for example, thirty comments over six threads), though all activity must still be from within the AC period.

Please comment to this post if you are on the warned list, the original AC post will not be checked after this point!

Anyone on the warned list has until 7PM EST on April 7th to post sufficient links, anyone appearing on the list for two consecutive months will receive a warning about activity. If someone has dropped via the OOC community and not the official drop post, they may be on this list and will be swept with the ejected list. If there are any mistakes, just comment here and let the moderator know. Thank you!

The following characters are warned:
Warned List )
02 April 2015 @ 06:39 pm
Hiya folks. I had a fun time with Yuyuko here in Haven, but for a couple of different reasons (game motivation, so many CR drops, etc), I'm gonna be sending her to storage home.

Thank you for all the wonderful CR she had, gosh.   If anyone would rather I continue a thread of hers for continuity's sake (or for whatever, really!), don't hesitate to let me know, and I can move them to her journal o9

I'll still be here with Rider, though!
02 April 2015 @ 07:00 pm
Hello Havenites.

Now as stated on the Activity Check post, this event will be a sign-up optional event. To not give away everything until the day of the event, here is the basic idea:

Characters who sign up will receive an offer from the Yao Corporation. If they agree to this offer, they will receive something of great value to them for a price. However, they also have the choice of throwing someone under the bus for this item and having that person pay the price. The price will be a personalized effect, which will be messaged to those who accept that price or get that price shunted on them. Note that this price won't be death and the characters will be ICly made aware of this.

The effect may be permanent at the player's discretion as well, though anyone who requests a permanent effect will be allowed to rescind the request if they aren't happy with what is personalized for their character.

Cut for length )

Sign ups will remain open until April 7th 9th at 7pm EST. The event will have two parts: April 8th 7pm EST will begin the first part and April 10th 7pm EST will begin the second part. The event will then last until April 15th.
02 April 2015 @ 05:33 pm
Hi everyone!

I probably should have called a hiatus before now, but I'm super stubborn. Calling a two week hiatus to finish getting business affairs all caught up. I need to write three curriculums this month and it is eating up any free time I have available. Not that I've actually had any.

I don't want to sit on this character because she's very pivotal to the cast. I've been trying to do a balancing act, but what keeps happening is that I'm just getting by in certain aspects of life without really excelling at anything. Unfortunately, my deadlines are still the same. I can't push them back anymore than I already have. So I hope that by just focusing on work for a few weeks, I can come back with the vengeance she deserves.

I'll be posting to AC for last month, but I'm setting the hiatus for May 5 through May 18th.

So... Yona will be disappearing from Haven for a bit. I'm really sorry to my wonderful cast and have every intention of finishing threads.
02 April 2015 @ 12:43 am
Heading to a convention from the 2nd-5th! Mainly noting this here bc I'll be completely without net access for those days. This goes for Jae-Ha, Sai/[personal profile] variform, and Zero/[personal profile] instrumented. All three will be on auto, and left in charge of their respective castmates.

01 April 2015 @ 07:00 pm
It's that time of the month again, Havenites. That's right, Activity Check!

Activity can be either of the following:

One post or log AND a thread of five comments or more.
Three threads totaling thirty comments or more.

As clarification, this means five comments by your character, or thirty comments by your character over three threads. These do not have to be spread equally, they can be distributed any way as long as the three threads have thirty comments from your character in total. Posts or logs must be posted by your character, or be a joint original post. Failure to comment to the AC post or provide sufficient AC will result in being removed from the game. You are free to re-apply for an ejected character; but to be fair to other applicants, you must wait a month before doing so.

For further clarification on activity requirements, please see this post. All players who had a full month hiatus, or who were accepted in the most recent app round, have already been cleared on the list and do not need to comment on this post.

All players accepted during the month of March are automatically exempt from AC. A hiatus of two weeks will reduce the requirement by half to one post OR a up to two threads of fifteen or more comments - that is fifteen comments total, not per thread. Players on hiatus for the whole month are also exempt from activity check. Both characters on hiatus for the whole month, and characters accepted during the AC month, have already been cleared from the list and those players do not need to reply to this post. We do not require a check-in.

Posts, logs and threads can be taken any time from March 1st - March 31st. You have until April 5th, 7pm EST to comment. A warned list will go up shortly after that. If you appear on the warned list, you have until April 7th, 7pm EST to reply with evidence of activity or hiatus. An ejected list will go up shortly after.

Players who are on hiatus during the period that AC must be submitted, but who are not exempt, may ask a fellow player to submit their AC for them, or the moderator will check the community tags to verify activity. Otherwise AC must be submitted by the player themselves.

Please fill in one of the following forms:




Two final notes:
One: A reminder that there is no Activity Check in April, due to a decision needing to be reached on whether or not the game will remain open.
Two: April's event will be opt-in via signing up. Sign ups for the event will open tomorrow, April 2nd at 7pm EST and close April 7th at 7pm EST (the same day AC ends.) The event will begin officially the next day.
01 April 2015 @ 05:18 pm
Greetings all, April is an exceptionally busy month for me, so I'm calling a slow-iatus for the entire month (Might extend into May). It will turn into a full hiatus if I find I can't keep up at all.

Thanks for understanding.
01 April 2015 @ 05:41 pm
Hey guys! Just a head's up that I'll be on hiatus until April 15th.
30 March 2015 @ 04:06 pm
Okay, so design finals haven ended and now I am free sort of. Sorry to those who have not gotten a response from me I'll be trying to get through tags a bit tonight.

However, to note I am getting into animation finals. While I'll be busy, animation is a bit easier to work around in terms of getting to tags. So, expect some stuff from me soon. Just lemme know if you wish to continue the thread or not via PM or PP since some of these tags are a month old.

[plurk.com profile] christhehost 
 is where you're likely to reach me.
29 March 2015 @ 03:38 pm

I've (once again??) dropped the ball pretty hard on tags this month -- I can't excuse the middle two weeks with more than "oops life," but my intention to catch up this week was sidelined by my father undergoing emergency surgery and the related hectic suddenness of that. (He's still in the hospital, but recovery is going well.)

Since things are finally settling I have every intention of steamrolling everything over the next 24-48 hours, but rather than having a long ooc note with each tag, I'm throwing up this post as a general

a) apology for how LATE some of it is; and
b) dw if you want to drop something!! Just don't reply, we're cool. I know I'm late.

This applies to tags for

Aerith Gainsborough ([personal profile] eversearching)
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb ([personal profile] verinumeri)

28 March 2015 @ 09:19 am
Hey guys! Icki here just dropping a note to say that I'll be on hiatus until mid-April. I'm sure you've all noticed how slow I've been with tags- I'm graduating from college in May and I have an onslaught of exams coming up (my last midterms ever? whoa!), so I just want to make sure that I focus on them properly. That being said, Sakamoto will be on autopilot for a while! While I might tag a little bit, I just wanted to let you all know why I've been so slow with replies lately. Thank you for understanding!
25 March 2015 @ 05:40 pm


I'm Celes, and I'm bringing you all Jean Pierre Polnareff: the boisterous, yet lovable Stand user from part 3 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

He'll be staying in apartment 13.3 with Bayonetta and Kururu Sumeragi (I apologize to you two in advance) but he'll be popping up pretty much everywhere in Haven.

My Plurk is [plurk.com profile] danger and my Steam is over here if you would like to contact me for RP stuff or whatever.

I don't have much else to say right now, but I am very much looking forward to playing with you all!!
24 March 2015 @ 01:04 pm
Hello Haven. I hate to add to the drop train, but I'm afraid that my time seems to have come with this game. I think it's a few months from a year now since I first joined... I went in knowing this game wasn't completely my forte, but I still managed to have fun and build up an investment here. But now, I realize that I've essentially lost that investment, and even though I've enjoyed a lot of Lee's newer CRs while hoping to reconnect with his few remaining older ones, I feel that ultimately it's not enough against my sense of having moved on from this game.

Rock Lee will be heading back into storage. If I ever pick up a character whom I'd prefer to play in a horror setting, Haven will likely be my first choice. Thank you to everyone who helped welcome me into this game and who helped to make such excellent threads and CR which helped me to last so long here. I hope for the best for the rest of you and this game.

23 March 2015 @ 08:39 pm
So, if my lack of replies lately hasn't been any sort of indication. . .

I had thought work-related things might calm down and settle out, but my schedule remains hectic and appears to be looking to remain that way for the next several months. As such, that has given me little time and sadly energy for game-related things, which means I'll be dropping Sasuke here. That being said, I have absolutely adored this game and all the work that has gone into it, and have really loved the CR throughout the year Sasuke has been here! You all have been absolutely fantastic and it's been a real pleasure to be here. Should my life calm down, I may very well be back, but for now, thank you all for dealing with this asshole ninja and giving me a very lovely game experience!